Why it’s Hard to Decide on Technologies

People prefer what they are used to

Fake news


Different needs

TMI — Too much information

Flocking and loud minorities

My recipe for choosing technology

  1. Do some unstructured and unbiased research of pure facts and verify them against different sources. Don’t make any prejudgments and don’t choose sides.
  2. Look at who’s writing the article and what education they have on the subject. Try to understand if it’s a technical, experienced person, or a content writer. Check out the comments as well.
  3. Find people that you trust and that face similar challenges, and share your view on development, and consult with them.
  4. Write down a list of features for each technology.
  5. Find the features that meet your standard in all options, and remove them from the list. For example, if all technologies are performant enough for you — no need to compare their performance.
  6. Decide on each feature what is a pro and what is a con for you.
  7. Think about the things that matter the most to you. For each technology, write down at most 3–4 pros/cons that are important for you, and ignore the rest.
  8. Make a PoC, to determine the barrier of entry and the quality of the documentation.

An example



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